Theo Knaus

Theo Knaus

Born in 1966, married, three adult children, living in Rorschach, Switzerland

What I am more than glad to share with you...

  • Leadership experience since 1998 as the manager of SME, Business unit leader, and project manager in the following industries:
  • Plastics, electric household appliances, sensor technology
  • Broad experience as an
    • Innovation manager
    • Product manager
    • Business development manager with
      • consumer durables, and
      • industry products.
  • Establishing a system for the management of industry segments at an SME of more than 2,000 employees.
  • Since 1998 international distribution experience in the
    • European
    • Asian, and
    • American markets in the area of
    • consumer durables as well as
    • industrial components.
  • Specific know-how and network in the following markets
    • China
    • Japan
    • Korea, Singapore, and the
    • USA.
  • Specific experience in the markets of renewable energy,
    • Wind,
    • photovoltaics (PV, CPV)
    • Marine (wave and tidal)

This is where I have been lucky enough to gain experience...

  • Self-employed Integral coach (since 2012)
  • Self-employed integral senior consultant (since 2012)
  • International industry segment manager, wind industry and renewable energies, Baumer Group, Switzerland
  • Business unit leader, Baumer Electric, Switzerland
  • CEO at Baumer Sensopress, Switzerland
  • Business unit leader, Plaston AG, Switzerland
  • Product and innovation manager, Plaston AG, Switzerland
  • Product manager, NUM G├╝ttinger AG, Switzerland
  • Application engineer, NUM G├╝ttinger AG, Switzerland

Professional training that allowed me to gain additional experience...

  • Integral business management consultant
  • Integral coach and consultant ECA (European Coaching Association)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA/General Management
  • Sales and marketing management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG)
  • Bachelor degree in industrial engineering STV (Swiss Engineering Association) / Specialisation corporate governance
  • Bachelor degree in electrical engineering / electronics, EMRT at NTB (Neutechnikum Buchs)

Where does my energy go?

  • Sustainable strategy and organisational development for SMEs
  • Deep-spiral transformation: the many facets of cultural transformation of organisations
  • practice-oriented leadership trainings as a stimulant for personal development
  • Executive coaching provided there is willingness to grow
  • Business development: particularly Southeast Asia and China for SMEs because I have huge admiration for the culture of these regions
  • Innovation management because this is created where people with a sense of purpose are working together

Language skills

  • Swiss German
  • German
  • English

My personal balance to my intense work

Lake Constance and high seas sailing on all oceans

Jogging, Yoga, and meditation