Large group facilitation: "Bring the whole system into one room"

Using the right large group facilitation method allows for integrated cooperation on equal terms in businesses, organisations, and administrations. Large group facilitation can be used excellently as an independent tool.

We use large group facilitation in a targeted approach in strategy and team-building processes.

Events with twelve up to several hundreds of participants who work together on a specific issue are considered events for large groups. So far, large group conferences have drastically shortened sequential decision-making and information procedures. A large number of people can be informed at the same time, and they can work towards decisions together.

Most conferences are intended to arrive at or to implement decisions. Decisions made jointly and for which collective responsibility is taken, are easier to implement, and this is done with more energy.

The idea behind conferences for large groups is this: "Bring the whole system into one room"

For complex issues, a wide range of views, experiences, skills, and ideas for good solutions can be brought together and integrated in one room.

Large group facilitation has become indispensable in modern organisational development.