Business development in Southeast Asia

Your SME business has established successfully in its home market. What is your next step? Owing to your extensive international experience in successful business development in Asia, we can be of considerable help.

Together with our local partners, we make this big step into new cultures easier for you, and we reduce the risk for your business.

Do you not have enough management resources in order to implement your envisaged internationalisation? We will be more than glad to sport you in the form of clearly defined projects, also as interim managers for breaking into new markets at Board of directors or CEO or other C-Level positions.


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We are about experience and professionalism

Our partner Loh Kam Weng has more than 25 years’ worth of experience in the set up of start-ups of national distribution companies for European businesses in the Asian markets. As a manager, Kam Weng has been successful multiple times and in a leading role in developing sales & marketing structures in the region of Southeast Asia. This involved opening and setting up the respective branches in key Asian countries as well as / and merging different distribution companies of connected businesses in one legal entity.

Kam Weng’s strength is efficiently setting up distribution companies in Southeast Asia as well as in China. His role can be that of an advisor also for operative business administration for the set-up of strong local organisations, and for recruiting qualified staff.

He is a member of the Knaus Consulting & Coaching team, and he is the Asian component of the Europe-Asia connection for rapid and effective set-up of successful business models for European businesses.