Sustained development of the business in terms of values and purpose

Your sustained economic success is our goal. The meaningfulness of your actions is the key to your long-term success.

This holistic business development process was created for small and medium-sized companies.

This process is particularly well-suited to family businesses about to be handed over the next generation or for a businesses about to change management. Existing structures are taken, and they are then integrated in an appreciative manner in the future yet to be shaped.


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Deep Spiral Transformation

The process of implementing this vision is accelerated considerably by increased understanding and commitment to the organisation as a whole. This is what drives the pace that is so often absent in the implementation phase.

We typically begin with topics like “future with a purpose” or the value system in the spiral-shaped processes. We start with a small team in management and / or the board of directors. With this team, we go through all the process and learning steps.

While the leadership gains more confidence and skills, the next level of leaders in the following process cycles and perhaps even the specialized staff can be integrated. Subsequently, more and more staff is involved in the process, and this circle becomes a growing spiral. The complexity of processes thereby increases, and the demands made of the leadership increase disproportionately.

Personal continuous development of leaders is a crucial and integral part of this process, and it is actively promoted by the leadership programme.

Sustainable organisational development is made possible by developing the personalities of your leaders.

The strategic process

Inspiring for all the stakeholders...

Do we know the purpose of our actions within the business?

Does this match my personal purpose?

Which areas do you want to strengthen? What do we want to let go of? What do we want to change? How do we want to tackle these tasks?

The bigger goal of these stages in the process is to formulate an inspiring vision that is useful to us. In the eyes of the staff, the business as well as the investors, it should make sense and be fulfilling while also attracting its surroundings.

In short: Inspiring for all the stakeholders. The main goal is strong, joint commitment of all the personalities involved in the process!

Practised values are reflected in actions

Which of its current values strengthen the purpose, the vision of the business?

  • Which values have a positive influence?
  • Which values are we missing?
  • Which values strengthen us?

In this step, we recognise the values by which the people involved and the business as a whole currently live. More often than not, these values are not openly expressed but they are simply practised. Values develop over the course of the history of the business, and they are shaped by the pioneer or its strongest leaders. This step promotes awareness of these values.

You can only actively shape what you know.

Dealing with your own value system is particularly helpful for businesses about to be handed over to the next generation.

Making cooperating better

Consciously creating cooperation / the social system of the business brings with it an enormous potential for new solutions and a higher level of dynamic for the entire organisation.

Is our social system in line with the vision and the desired values of our business?

  • How do we manage our employees? How do we want to lead it going forward?
  • Does powerful structure dominate or is it cooperation that dominates?
  • How do we handle mistakes? What do we do with the mistakes of others?
  • Are fears a dominating factor?
  • Which behaviours and ways of communication strengthen us? Which of them weaken us?
  • How do we treat our business partners? Our suppliers and clients?
  • How do we learn as an organisation? Where do we keep our expertise?
  • Who contributes to innovation in the business?

The way we treat our colleagues, employees, business partners, and our environment provide a vital insight into our social interactions. We recognise our strengths and weaknesses. By their very nature, they are shaped by the people involved. The strength of relationships is just as intrinsically linked to the leaders as are their weaknesses.

A part of our personality is reflected in the system of our relationships. Our personalities shape relationships.


Further developing and implementing key competences

At this stage of the process, we look into the markets, the clients, our own key competences, and the competences of our competitors. We analyse our own level of innovation and our own position in the market.

  • What are the relevant requirements of our clients?
  • What are economically relevant client groups, industries, and markets for us?
  • How can we become better than our competition in the long term?
  • How do we deal with ideas?
  • How do we plan product quality?
  • Are our key competences further developed and strengthened?

More often than not, you have a rich variety of skills to fall back on within your company.

Shaping and directing processes and structures

Together we will analyse your organisation and the processes currently in place.

  • Where do our strengths and weaknesses lie? Where are the limiting factors and processes? Why do they limit us?
  • How are our processes continuously being improved and strengthened?
  • Are our organisation and our processes resilient under pressure and in unexpected situations? Are we resilient?
  • Do the right people complete the right tasks within our organisation?
  • How are our leaders developing? How do we develop our future leaders?

It is only with the appropriate form of organisation and transparent processes that the desired goals can be achieved. They are no guarantees for success, but they are a precondition.

IMPLEMENTATION: Shaping the soul of your business

Anything you might have worked out is useless unless it is implemented!

Now we have compiled all the elements required in order to draw up a solid and strong business plans or measure plan as part of our next step.

We will assist you at this stage.

This business plan or measure plan will be implemented in specific actions / projects.

Besides all the typical areas such as marketing, innovation, process formation etc., our particular focus is on developing the leaders in the business. After all, it is only through the personal development of management that new space for shaping the business can be made and in order for the soul of the business to be revealed.